discontinued SalesforceIQ/RelateIQ CRM discontinued previously acquired solution SalesforceIQ (ex-RelateIQ) and urged users that look for GDRP support to migrate from SalesforceIQ to different CRM package.

By default it offered all SalesforceIQ users equally priced Sales Cloud package (Professional).

Also Salesforce posted series of migration instructions to help migrating leads and opportunities from Salesforce IQ to Sales Cloud.

Mobile app SalesforceIQ will be supported for SalesCloud users.


What is SalesforceIQ?

Salesforce is based on Relate IQ, software described as a relationship intelligence platform, which Salesforce acquired in 2014.

RelateIQ was created with the idea to reimagine how customer relationship management works by automating, simplifying, and deepening the way sales professionals engage with customers and prospects. RelateIQ built the world’s first Relationship Intelligence technology, bringing predictive analytics and data-driven insights via automatic data capture into CRM technology; this has made it easier for companies to communicate and collaborate with sales teams to close deals faster.

Customer Spotlight: Asana

When seasoned tech entrepreneur Kenny Van Zant started leading the young startup’s business e orts, he knew that the team would need solutions to track its sales processes. Van Zant had seen rsthand what could happen if a company waited until things escalated out of control before putting sales and support solutions in place, and he didn’t want that to happen at Asana. Then he discovered SalesforceIQ.

Asana uses SalesforceIQ to track sales activity, customer success programs, and post-sales work ows with customers that include other fast-growing startups such as Rdio and Uber. Instead of sending internal emails, teammates use SalesforceIQ to comment in the data stream. This keeps conversations in context, while also reducing email volume. Teammates assign follow-ups when they hand deals o to colleagues, which further streamlines the way customer-facing teams work together.